1976年,攣生姊妹Jean和Jane Ford於三藩市創立了獨一無二,充滿糖果氣氛的美容店。她們常說:「誰說化妝必須認真才會好看?」慢慢地,這間美容店憑著一系列能即時解決每個女孩美容難題的偽妝產品、雙重的古怪主題及美容智慧,而廣為人知,最後創立了世界知名的國際美容品牌Benefit Cosmetics。在Jean和Jane與眾不同的美妝概念引領下,

Benefit Cosmetics 於1997年正式進駐了百貨公司,隨著於英國開設第一家美容專櫃,品牌的國際知名度進一步提升,並引起了全球頂尖奢侈品集團LVMH的關注。於1999年,品牌正式被LVMH集團收購,一躍成為全球知名美妝品牌,於全世界45個國家設有超過4,300個美容專櫃及業積一直持續增長。早於1976年,Benefit Cosmetics已開始提供蜜蠟修眉服務,在過往的一年,我們已為顧客們提供超過400萬次修眉服務,絕對是國際修眉權威。除了將眉毛修至整齊漂亮之外,亦提供身體蜜蠟脫毛服務,將你由頭到腳的肌膚都照顧得如絲般幼滑。加上我們著名的美妝產品,能即時為你解決美容問題,踏上美麗旅途。


In 1976, the Ford twins created a unique San Francisco beauty boutique with a whimsical candy store atmosphere. The shop grew famous for delivering quick fixes for every gal's peskiest beauty dilemmas, and with a "double" dose of wackiness mixed with know-how, the twins successfully built Benefit Cosmetics into a global beauty brand. In 1997, the brand went global opening its first counter in the UK and attracting the attention of the world’s leading luxury product group, LVMH. In 1999, the brand was acquired by LVMH and was catapulted into a global beauty presence with over 4,300 counters in more than 45 countries worldwide and continue to grow. 

As the world’s leading brow authority, with over 4 million brows shaped in the last year alone, Benefit Brow Bar is the one-stop brow shop that’s been turning heads and raising eyebrows since 1976. Our signature brow wax is the easiest way to make the biggest difference to your look. It shows off your eyes and flatters your best features. It’s fast, fabulous and instantly flattering.